mánudagur, desember 13, 2004

Og enn meir... 

your the French very classy ppl!! well at least i
think so. They're famous for their Wine and its
a romance laguage like Spainsh only yours is

Which Cultrue are u??? (the ones i know about so get on back about it!!!)
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sunnudagur, desember 12, 2004

MOI.......................MOVIE STAR?????? 

Sigridur, you're a Movie Star!

You're a bright ray of sunshine and secretly wonders why you're not famous yet. Chances are you don't get annoyed with people very easily, and you can handle stressful situations with grace. As if all that weren't enough, you're friendly, charming, and great with people.

You like making your work environment cozy and hospitable and you spend a lot of time on your appearance. You never shy away from asserting your ideas and opinions, and encourage others to do the same.

And that's just scratching the surface!

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